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Instagram works in a very simple way. When you like the pictures on somebody's profile you automatically start following them, but in most cases you're not actually interested in half of what that person shares. If you're one of those people who prefer to follow a specific theme, then Followed for Instagram is the app for you. With it you'll get followers who are interested in the same themes as you.

This tool adds a new concept to Instagram, as it gives you the option to search for pics based on a series of criteria related to a specific subject or taken with a specific filter, for example. This keeps you from having to consume all the content for a particular user when you probably just like a couple of her images.

The Followd for Instagram interface is nicely put together and makes it easy to find the best results. If you like something you can give it a heart just like you would on the official Instagram app, and if the user seems interesting you can start following her account. Under the pictures you can see how many followers she has and how many people she follows herself.

The system in this app has an option to make your profile stand out over other people's using gems that you get for following people. In other words, the more people you follow, the easier it'll be to get more followers and Likes on your own pictures. Download Followd for Instagram and enjoy a new way of seeing Instagram while generating greater activity on your profile.
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